About the Life Solutions technology and how Life Solutions got started…
By Tim Atkinson
Several years ago, a doctor friend who had been my instructor, told me about a new technology developed by German scientists, which would re-vitalize the energy of water and food, and make them healthy to eat or drink. I knew about “clustered” water and had used it for years with my clients, but I wasn’t’ familiar with this. Had it been anyone but him, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to evaluate it. I was getting ready to go to Germany for a week long Energy Medicine Seminar, so I figured if it was real, I would be able to find out more about it while I was there. What I learned that week was beyond my wildest imagination. I discovered the technology was for real and it might be one of the most important health discoveries this century. Since humans are over 70% water, it is vital people drink plenty of healthy water. I think everyone the world over now agrees that “good” water is in danger of being in short supply. There are many people from around the world who have contributed to understanding the properties of water. People like Victor Schauberger, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Lee Lorenzen, Dr. Muzuro Emoto, and many others too numerous to mention have discovered the ways nature cleans and re-vitalizes the most important resource man has….water. What we have done at Life Solutions is to evaluate the different methods these and others have pioneered, and come up with a way to enhance the energy to achieve even greater results with people, animals, and plants.