Just a note to let you know that Dr. Tim will be in Tulsa at the IHOP, Thursday, November 21st 11020 E. 71st at 6:00 p.m. for a meeting.   He will share the new product that he personally has used that has aided in the turnaround of his health,  STEM by Helixlife. He will also talk about the new development of products in Life Solutions Club.

On Friday, November 22nd he also will offer the opportunity of two nonevasive scans for better personal health decisions. The ACT which is a Arter Check technology that determines the stiffness of the artery and shows the condition SpO2 and heart rate.  There is also the Zyto scan which provides general wellness information for your entire body.

We will like to invite you and also to encourage you to contact others about this great opportunity.

You may contact the office for further information.
1-866-7730748 or email: