Energy is the common fuel for survival-maintaining not only human life, but all plant, animal life and even earth itself. This energy-called the “Life Force” in most cultures, comes from the sun. This is the result of when God said, “Let there be light.” This bio-photonic light energy is what sustains every living thing on the planet. We get the energy that we need from sunlight, oxygen, food and water. The amount of energy we take in is directly proportional to how healthy the cells of the body are-how free of toxins the cells are, and the inter-cellular communication between these cells. God created in us an innate intelligence, which continually heals itself when there is enough energy to detox the body and allow the cells to communicate without obstructions. When it lacks the energy, disease is the result. 


In the 1930’s, a Frenchman, named Antoine Bovis, discovered that all substances had an energy level. He developed a scale, which measures how positively or negatively charged a substance is. For living organisms, (including humans), the energy level is 6,500. This would be the equivalent of 0 on the scale. The earth has an energy level between 7,000 to 18,000. All fruits, vegetables, chemicals, metals, even furniture have an energy level, either above or below the 6,500 energy units. For the most part, items which have an energy level above 6,500 energy units will be life enhancing, and will have an electron spin to the left. Things that are below the 6,500 energy units will cost the body energy, and will have a negative spin to the right. For example, our DNA has a higher energy and left-spinning electrons. Cancer cells is much lower, and has a negative electron spin to the right. Water, in its natural state, will be much higher than 6,500 units. Most tap water is in the 2,500 to 4,500 range, which means the water is no longer life-enhancing. When we remove all the chemicals, the water remains at the energy level that it was. What this technology does, is reverse the negative spin of water, other drinks, processed foods, etc., and restores the vitality, giving us energy that the body needs for survival, and if it gets enough—————healing.
When we started working with these products, people started having incredible testimonies. Everything from just feeling more energy, to serious illnesses going away. By lowering the surface tension of the water, it begins to structure the molecules in an orderly fashion, which will hydrate through the cell walls, flushing out toxins.   By putting the EnerCHIzers on our body, the energy transfers to the water in our body, clustering or structuring the molecules and aids the body in healing itself.                                                                                                                
We have also gotten excellent results with crops – increasing the yields and size of vegetables, and improving the taste. When we put custom units in a lake, the harmful algae died, restoring the water’s vitality, and brought fish back to the area.
In the case of fuel units, the organized molecular spin causes gas or diesel to burn more efficiently, lowering emissions and increasing mileage.
In other parts of the world, this technology has been in use for decades, with the same exciting results. Because the science is so new, many people don’t understand it. If we waited to use anything we didn’t understand, then credit cards, computers, camcorders and many other things would not have ever become household items. This technology is basically the same technology as those, only using water as the memory source instead of sand, (computers) and magnetic tape, (credit cards and camcorders.) 
According to Newton’s law, the electron spin will be accelerated altering the ions stability allowing the hydrocarbons to flow more evenly. This lowers the surface tension of the water, and structures the molecules in an orderly fashion, which will hydrate through the cell walls, flushing out toxins. The energy which we are using are from various minerals, which the body needs for many of its functions.  
There is much to learn.   Hundreds of clinical studies in Europe and Asia have proven the effectiveness of structured water. In fact, world-wide sales are already over a billion dollars. The main differencewith our company  is we give the consumers the ability to “manufacture” their own water, whether it be for drinking, bathing, swimming, or virtually anything else they can “enerCHIze.”